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Panic Cro. Panic Cro.

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This was used in the Coocking video!

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bocodamondo responds:

yes that was it
the sound is made with FL studio 8 demo

Saturday Morning Watchmen Saturday Morning Watchmen

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Shouldn't you put the song only?Not the dog talking part?Otherwise you might as well make only the music video, not audio.

Beat it-Metaljonus Beat it-Metaljonus

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Nice metal micx!RIP MJ!

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Throw it All Away (Kirb ver.) Throw it All Away (Kirb ver.)

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It's not Acapella!

Drakirball Z Drakirball Z

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Dude, why is every audio Accapella?

Diddy Kirb Racing Diddy Kirb Racing

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That's how we say it in Austria!

The Valley - WaS The Valley - WaS

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Game was awesome too guys!

Yeah, I went loco when I beat the game. The game was awesome!There was one boss.One level.And one objective.Short, but gave away 7 MEDALS!Good song too!