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Question of the Post: What does ZOMG stand for? If you don't know, guess.

Alright, so here, it's winter. Heavy rain in California, yadda yadda yadda. I wonder what's Egoraptor up to? So, I actually me(TFL) could afford me parents gifts for christmas! Don't worry citizens or S42NLAND!
Gifts for all! Next post that is. I won't make a new one till Christmas.

So, Pokemon Soulsilver, I'm downloading it. I'll be done and enjoying it! Partially japanese, but wgaf(who gives a fuck)? So, back when Crystal came out, it was the first and only use of the cell phone given to you by Professor Elm. Since it's a remake, doesn't count. But it's pretty cool. I'm playing on my computer, gameplay on youtube! So, it'd better be worth my time!

ZOMG! SoulSilver gives me the chillz!?

MarioFloatingHead VS S42N

2009-12-04 22:22:01 by Shows42nite

S42N is my initial. Me and MarioFloatinghead are competing in a brand new tradition called YTP Tennis. When I was around, it dun exist. So now we're on Round 2. Mario's going to Round 3. So yah. My poops are more EPIC!

Round 1

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Round 2

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MarioFloatingHead VS S42N


2009-12-03 23:20:32 by Shows42nite

Barely joined but yet is yet funny and famous. Keep those comments comin!

Happy Thanksgiving!

2009-11-26 15:54:05 by Shows42nite

Yes! I am celebrating it! Christmas is such a fame hog! I'm preparing for T dinner right now! I'm having a marathon on Youtube and uploading a flash here! Enjoy the holiday!

Faggot Threat

2009-11-22 22:25:55 by Shows42nite

Threat named KingdomHeartSpwn, occupation:Faggot son of a bitch.
Invading my dojo, you are so behind. You barely knew about brawl taunts and think you're funny you damn faggot? At least delete your account on Newgrounds because bringing newground stuff to Youtube will alter the internet. We must riot on his channel, flag the new video!


2009-11-19 23:55:49 by Shows42nite

KingdomHeartSpwn has invaded our dojo and he has nothing on his damn profile. If he comments, his words shall be deleted. Vote yes if you agree we should kick this invader's ass out. JUST KIDDING!He's actually a close friend on Youtube. But to get on the front page, we got into a Fake Poop War. Watch our videos though!

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Like the war?

Guess what? I got 200 subs on Youtube! And I started a new series called Utube Waste. I've turned a new leaf to make fun of not original content! :D
Go to my Youtube to watch some! Or here.

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Do you think this new leaf is great? Will I be the next WalrusGuy?

BTW(By The Way), Walrusguy's newgrounds is NaveryW.
Walrusguy's Newgrounds


2009-10-17 02:51:47 by Shows42nite

"Hey!How come Eddsworld, Tomamoto, Jaxxy, and the all praised, Egoraptor were in Bocodamondo's video?Well that's swell."

Hey Everybody!You know my new motto yet?
"LOL, wut R u?aet?"

You know what I find funny? Do you? I said, do you? EVERYBODY!i SAID DO YOU FUCKING WANT TO!?

How come Danicos is the only kind enough person to comment on my fucking posts?And why am I banned from the music submission labs?Well, newgrounds,I mean Tom, you must unban me,NOW!

Well, I have a twitter, and a new album called IDK.Here are the songs so far.

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So yeah,Aaron, the 21 year old, is coming back on Halloween for Scare Scare Scares Days!He's risking his Ph.D for all you fans.Be happy.And I checked e-mail, nobody sent any flashes.FUCK!
Now you make me some crack money, or else!But please:

Send your flash to be seen in Scare Scare Scares Days on October 30th

-Anti Nudity
-No homos, nude or any sexual shit
-Beep your cussing(Kids are watching)
-No drugs
-Make it funny, or at least funny for ages 1-20(Example,Spongebob is funny)
-Have a great plot!
-I don't even care if it's flash, make it animated
(You can use the accessory Paint and Windows Movie Maker 2 to make your animation)

Good luck! Send it

Dar Daze

2009-10-03 20:39:27 by Shows42nite

"I find the girls of those fantasy games, errr."

So, I updated my site, finally signed into twitter,myspace,and Youtube.Made new tweets, uploaded videos.And submitted my first flash here.And you do not know how hard it is to make a paint flash.Sadly,I don't have any animating programs.I have to get converters.But, my first flash,"Newground's Gayest Flash" was blammed till gone. Now, that really pissed me off.You see, there are a lot of immature people saying my paint art is gay and some more childish accounts say I should kill myself. Now, newgrounds, I have to upload gifs. I really tried my best to be here on newgrounds.But if Tom won't change anything,I guess I'm gonna be making just posts from now on.

So, from sad news to good news!
Good news is, Halloween is chiller near!So that means a celebration and Aaron is gonna be in the house again so is our director Seth! New AAN episodes, hopefully season 5 of A Secret Senator's Minute Vid! And my new series, Whaling Wars, and Scare Scare Scares Days won't just be on Cartoon network, but will be on my Youtube channel.Well, it's basically a bunch of my bullshit and these cartoons and shit.

So, if you wanna be seeing your flash in my Scare Scare Scares Days, just email me at

Only for flash submissions.

Now for my new video on Youtube!

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See the conclusion, i mean conclusions on my Youtube right now!

Some links!

Facebook Fanpage

Dar Daze


2009-09-04 23:53:03 by Shows42nite

"Hey Partick are you as mad as me?""YEAH!"WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY?""I CAN'T SEE MY FOREHEAD!"I'm mad because noone likes my ideas!"

Ever had an Idea you wanted to share?Your dreams have came true, go to my website!Trust me, millions visit there everyday.Just hang in the forums!

So, I'm back with a post!I am currently building up fans over at Youtube, but i think I'll bring much more fans over to this attention because you know why?Do you really wanna know why?DO YOU FREAKIN WANNA KNOW!?DO YOU STINKIN SERIOUSLY WANNA?!HUH?!!!!!!!

I'm making my first flash and uploading it here.Cheap programs used:
-Windows Movie Maker

And ta-dah!You got yourself a flash!That takes 13 days!?Wa ho!I have my college exam in 13 hours!Gotta study!

While I STUDY AND MY KID ASSISTANT,TFL,is working on the flash and my boss,Seth Rogen(No,not that famous one) is reviewing it and giving me answers on the phone,please enjoy this video over my wackiness!

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